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Pricing Strategy Explained

Video Introducing this tutorial

Pricing strategy variables

1. Pricing Strategy Explained
What price communicates to customers
Scenario-based pricing
Types of pricing strategies
What investors look for
Test your pricing

2. Pricing Model Basics
The three pricing models
Guess the pricing model
Examples of pricing models
T-shirt pricing case study

3. Research and Margins for Pricing
Common pricing mistakes
The five key steps to pricing
Market research
Market research case study
Know your margins
Typical margins by industry

4. Pricing Influencers
Pricing variables
Pricing variable 1: Competition
Pricing variable 2: Demand
Pricing variable 3: First of a Kind
Pricing variable 4: Uniqueness
Pricing variable 5: Scarcity
Pricing variable 6: Quality
Pricing variable 7: Margin
Pricing variable 8: Customer perception of value
Scoring your pricing influencers

5. Pricing Models
Review of the three pricing models
Cost-based pricing pros and cons
Market-based pricing pros and cons
Value-based pricing pros and cons
Choosing a pricing model
Setting your price: case study
Common mistakes in pricing

6. Putting Your Pricing Strategy into Action
Create your pricing strategy