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lynda Premiere Pro New Features (2019)

Video Introducing this tutorial

What's new in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020?

1. Key Changes to Setup and Preferences:
System Compatibility Report v.2.0
Switch upgraded and new projects to Metal renderer on Mac
Allow user to delete media cache files from Preferences
Improved performance drawing thumbnails in the Media Browser
Workspace changes

2. New Format Support:
Changes related to legacy QuickTime
New camera support
Blackmagic RAW support
New export options

3. Editing Improvements:
The Auto Reframe effect
Using Auto Reframe for an entire sequence
Temporal and spatial interpolation on keyframes
Time remapping maximum speed increased
Increased audio range

4. Essential Graphics panel (EGP):
Dropdown menu controls for motion graphic templates (MOGRTS)
Underline text in MOGRTS
Rename layers in the EGP Layers pane
New keyboard shortcuts for selecting and re-ordering layers
Use multiline edit field with MOGRTs