lynda Practical Influencing Techniques

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Note: This course was created by Chris Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
Introduction :
What to expect: Process and people
1. What Is Influencing? :
Every interaction
Stick and carrot
Push vs. pull
2. An Influencing Process :
Based on a real example
Decide on your objectives
Be liked
Understand their position
Explain your problem
Suggest a solution
Handle objections
Apply it to a real situation
3. But People Vary :
Adapting the process to personality
A model of four types of person
4. Techniques for Analytical People :
The first category of person
How to spot a blue or analytical person
Be impressed by their knowledge
Talk in their style, not yours
Joint problem-solving
Give them the facts
Use feelings!
Start with a small commitment
Apply the blue people's tips to the six steps
5. Techniques for Controllers :
Welcome to red people!
How to spot a red person or controller
Impressed by their achievements
The results they can get
Make it quick and easy for them
Question to weaken
Choice of A or B
Bad things to say to a controller
Applying the red tips to the six-step process
6. Techniques for Enthusiasts :
Pros and cons of being a yellow enthusiast
How to spot a yellow enthusiast
A process that yellows enjoy
Paint a picture
High energy
Compared to what?
Confront them with facts
Applying the yellow's tips to the six-step process
7. Techniques for Amiable People :
Are green people easy to influence?
How to identify green people
Relationships are everything
Show emotions
Taking your time
Social proof
Give and take
Using facts
Applying the green's tips to the six-step process
Conclusion :
Use ethically
Congratulations and summing up

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