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lynda PowerShell 7 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Get up and running with PowerShell 7
What you should know

1. Getting Ready for PowerShell :
Why use PowerShell?
Launch PowerShell as an administrator
Configure the PowerShell console
PowerShell development envionments
Configure development environments for PowerShell

2. Introduction to PowerShell 7 :
PowerShell 7
Install PowerShell 7
Work with PowerShell modules

3. Commands and Syntax :
Discover commands
Explore help
Understand cmdlet syntax
Understand terse commands
Utilize variables
Understand PowerShell objects

4. Scripting and Automation :
PowerShell security
Create your first script
Parameter attributes for scripts and functions
Select information
Filter specific data
Control the flow of PowerShell
Ternary operators
Switch statements
Define custom help

5. Managing Servers, Operating Systems, and Services :
Navigate the file system
Manage files and directories
Retrieve data
Work with JSON objects

6. PowerShell Remoting :
Introduction to PowerShell remoting
Enable PowerShell remoting
Combine commands
Practical PowerShell remoting

Conclusion :
Next steps