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PowerShell 5 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Why PowerShell? Why now?

1. Getting Ready for PowerShell
Installing the Windows Management Framework 5
Launching PowerShell as an administrator
Customizing PowerShell for comfort
Running commands (cmdlets)

2. Discovery and Getting Help
Updating your most important resource: Help
Discovering commands
Exploring help options
Understanding cmdlet syntax
Understanding and resolving terse commands

3. Extending Your Capabilities with PowerShell
Working with PowerShell snap-ins
Finding and using local modules
Installing modules and packages from a repository

4. Using the Power of the Pipeline
Understanding the purpose of the pipeline
Working with files and printers
Working with CSVs
Working with XML
Storing data as a webpage

5. Getting More out of Objects
Understanding the importance of objects
Selecting the information you want
Sorting the information
Customizing your own properties
Filtering specific data
Working with methods

6. Scripts and Automation
Exploring PowerShell automation security
Creating your first script
Using variables for storage
Using the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)
Creating a parameterized script
Using parameter attributes
Using comment-based help

7. Scalable Management with PowerShell Remoting
Introducing PowerShell remoting
Enabling PowerShell remoting
Managing one-to-one operations
Scaling out with one-to-many operations
Exploring practical application of remote management
Increasing capabilities with implicit remoting

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