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Planning Your Family Leave and Return

Video Introducing this tutorial

Return to work after leave

1. Prepare for Your Family Leave (Susan)
Know your leave of absence rights
Communicate your leave to your manager
Communicate your leave to your coworkers
Develop your work coverage plan
Write your work coverage plan
Staying engaged while you are on leave

2. Create a Work-Life Synergy Plan for Your Return to Work (Kelley)
Reassess your values
Take inventory of life demands
Evaluate your life demands
Build your support system
Assess your return to work plan

3. Ensure Success After Returning to Work (Susan and Kelley)
Staying in the game post-leave
Self-promotion and career advancement post-leave
Wellness strategies for sustainability
Setting good boundaries
Considering flexible work options

Conclusion (Susan and Kelley)
Guard your return to work plan