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lynda Planning Your Career and Your Life

Video Introducing this tutorial

How you drift through life

1. What Kind of Life?:
The six career options
Which option is best for you?
The meaning of life
Stress spiral: Don't overdo, either achieve or enjoy
Wrap up

2. Life Goals:
The importance of goals
Enjoy and achieve, at home and at work
My story: When I discovered goals
How goals work
My story: Types of careers
Non-attachment to goals
Money last
Wrap up

3. The Ideal Job:
Is there an ideal job for everyone?
Risk of redundancy
Restless search
Is it okay to be content?

4. Self-Employment:
Pros and cons of self-employment
How to get started
Top tips for self employment

5. Which Job Would Be Best for Me?:
Which job would be best?
The three circles
What is a life purpose?
How to find your life purpose
Why computers can't help
Which subject area: Analysis
Which subject area: People
If you can't get the job you want
Wrap up

6. If You're Unhappy Where You Are:
If you're unhappy where you are
It's okay to want to move
Should you settle for a job that's safe and easy?
Should you take that risky option?
The signs of being in the wrong place
Self development is always important
My story: The effect of bad bosses
Wrap up

7. Ways to Move:
Ways to move
Maximize your contacts
How valuable are qualifications?
Mastermind groups
Opportunities within your current organization

8. Success Factors:
What makes a person successful in their job?
Six success factors for your career
The inputs and outputs of success
The efficient greyhound
The ambitious mountain goat
The plodding tortoise
The dreaming koala
The fun-loving kangaroo
The achieving eagle
Why there are only six possibilities
Development plans for each animal

Summing up