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lynda Planning for Retirement

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Maximizing your retirement

1. Are You Ready to Save for Retirement? :
Checklist before saving
Balancing saving with other goals
What does retirement look like?

2. Retirement Accounts :
401(k) vs. IRA for retirement
Roth vs. traditional savings accounts
Self-employed retirement accounts

3. How Much to Save for Retirement :
The power of micro goals
How much to save for retirement
Are you on track for retirement?

4. Investing for Retirement :
Investing basics: Stocks vs. bonds
Mutual funds and diversification
Target-date mutual funds

5. Getting Your Money Before Retirement :
Rolling over retirement accounts
Early loans and withdrawals

6. Retirement Income :
Retirement account withdrawal rate
Will you get Social Security?
How do pensions work?

Conclusion :
Start considering retirement