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Planning an AWS Solution

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know

1. Getting to Know Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS introduction
AWS compared to previous IT solutions
The benefits of AWS
The AWS global footprint
AWS security
AWS pricing
The AWS free tier
Set up a free tier AWS account

2. Building Big Data on AWS
AWS for big data work
AWS cloud storage and databases
AWS big data design patterns
AWS for big data outside organization
AWS for big data inside organization
AWS Total Cost of Ownership calculator
AWS data warehousing

3. Backing Up Data with AWS
AWS for backup: file storage
AWS for backup: lifecycle and replication
AWS database backup
AWS office site backup
Restore AWS content backup

4. Mobile Solutions Using AWS
AWS for mobile services
AWS Mobile Hub
AWS Mobile SDK

5. IoT Approaches with AWS
Internet of Things (IoT) introduction
AWS IoT platform
AWS Greengrass

AWS resource teardown
Next steps

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