lynda Planning a Microsoft Cloud Solution

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Move your IT cloud infrastructure to Azure
What you should know

1. What Is the Cloud? :
What the cloud really is
Considerations for cloud computing

2. Why Azure? :
What is Azure?
What can you do with Azure?

3. Laying the Foundation :
Laying the foundation
Azure portal overview
Creating a resource group
Creating a virtual network
Creating virtual storage
Create and connect to an Azure file share

4. Virtual Machines :
What are virtual machines?
Cloud-only infrastructure
Hybrid infrastructure
High availability
Creating a virtual machine
Add a data disk to a virtual machine
Virtual machine best practices
Azure virtual desktops

5. Azure Active Directory :
What is Azure Active Directory?
Benefits of Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory users and groups
Azure AD Connect

6. Data Platform :
Data platform overview
SQL Server virtual machine
Azure SQL Database
SQL Managed Instance

7. Disaster Recovery in Azure :
What is disaster recovery?
Azure Protection overview
Backing up files and folders in Azure
Backing up Azure virtual machines
Backing up an Azure file share
Azure Site Recovery

Conclusion :
Next steps

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