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lynda Pivoting to Virtual Events

Video Introducing this tutorial

Pivoting to virtual events
Begin with the end in mind for your virtual pivot

1. Engagement from Start to Finish in Virtual Events:
Overcoming the engagement hurdle with virtual events
Prioritize the virtual attendee experience
Rethink your delivery for virtual events
Selecting the right presenters for virtual events

2. Content Is Everything for Virtual Events:
Know your virtual event audience
Tell great stories through your virtual event
Defining user generated content
Implementing user content into the event

3. Why Production Is So Important for Virtual Events:
Recognize why production is a priority for virtual events
Production tools and tactics for virtual events
Assess the pros and cons of live versus on demand

4. Make the Business Case for Virtual Events:
Considering the impact of going virtual
Sustainability is a lasting legacy of online events

Enjoy the process of going virtual