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PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 2 Build a CMS

Video Introducing this tutorial


How to use the exercise files

1. Create a Content Management System

Blueprint the application
Set up the database
Set up the project files

2. Build Dynamic Content Navigation

List subjects
Add pages for each subject
Add page content
Use navigation to select pages
Highlight the current page
Challenge: Collapsing navigation
Solution: Collapsing navigation

3. Use Context and Options

The public context
Skip hidden subjects and pages
Use an option for conditional code
Insecure direct object reference
Protect page visibility
Allow HTML in dynamic content
Challenge: Preview content
Solution: Preview content

4. Cookies and Sessions

Work with cookies
Set and read cookie values
Unset cookie values
Work with sessions
Set and read session values
Challenge: Status messages
Solution: Status messages

5. Regulate Page Access

User authentication overview
Create admins tables
Challenge: Build admin management
Solution: Build admin management
PHP password functions
Authenticate user access
Require authorization
Log out a user
Optional password updating
Authorized previewing

6. Nesting Related Resources

Understand nested resources
List pages by subject
Use nested links
Use nested redirects
Add page count to each subject
Scope page position by subject
Challenge: Update positions
Solution: Update positions


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