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lynda PHP Techniques: Working with Files and Directories

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Work with files and directories in PHP
Using the exercise files on GitHub

1. Working with Files :
Filesystem basics
Relative paths and magic constants
Accessing files
Reading from files
Reading line by line
File permissions
Writing to files
Writing line returns
Deleting files
Moving the file pointer
Examining file details
Challenge: Create a log file
Solution: Create a log file

2. Working with Directories :
Directory basics
Creating and deleting directories
Accessing directory contents
Skipping directory entries
Pattern matching with glob
Challenge: Directory treasure hunt
Solution: Directory treasure hunt

3. Accepting User-Uploaded Files :
Configuring PHP for file uploads
Sending files as form data
Inspecting uploaded files
Moving uploaded files
Handling upload errors
Setting file permissions
Securing file uploads
Challenge: Profile photo
Solution: Profile photos

Conclusion :
Next steps