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PHP: Object-Oriented Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

How to use the exercise files

1. Overview and Project Setup
What is OOP?
Project setup

2. Object Basics
Define a class
Class properties
Class methods
Refer to an instance
Challenge: Properties and methods
Solution: Properties and methods

3. Class Inheritance
What is inheritance?
Define a subclass
Extend and override
Challenge: Inheritance
Solution: Inheritance

4. Object Access Control
Visibility modifiers
Beware of overloading
Setter and getter methods
Challenge: Access control
Solution: Access control

5. Static Properties and Methods
The static modifier
Inherited static behaviors
Class constants
Refer to the parent class
Late static bindings
Challenge: Static references
Solution: Static references

6. Magic Methods
Constructor method
Constructor arguments
Destructor method
Clone method
Assignment by reference
Compare objects
Autoload undefined classes

7. A PHP OOP Project
Project introduction
Challenge: The bicycle class
Solution: The bicycle class
From instances to HTML
Read from a CSV file
Improve parseCSV
From a CSV file to instances

Next steps

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