lynda PHP: Choosing a PHP Editor

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Choosing an editor for PHP development

1. Using an Advanced Text Editor for PHP Development :
Advantages of using a text editor to write PHP
Running PHP files from a text editor
Tweaking PHP code on a remote server with a text editor

2. Using an IDE for PHP Development :
Reasons to use an IDE instead of a text editor for PHP development
Features in common between IDEs for PHP development

3. NetBeans for PHP Development :
NetBeans introduction and highlights
NetBeans potential drawbacks

4. PhpStorm for PHP Development :
PhpStorm introduction and highlights
PhpStorm potential drawbacks

5. Eclipse PDT for PHP Development :
Eclipse PDT introduction and highlights
Eclipse PDT potential drawbacks

6. Komodo IDE for PHP Development :
Komodo IDE introduction and highlights
Komodo IDE potential drawbacks

Conclusion :
Making the decision: Which PHP IDE is right for me?
Next steps with PHP editors

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