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Photoshop Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

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1. Sizing an Image
How do I crop to a specific ratio?
How do I change the DPI/PPI of my image?
How do I enlarge (up-res) my photo?

2. Exposure Problems
How do I fix an image that's too bright?
How do I fix an image that's too dark?
How do I remove noise from an image?
How do I fix a flat sky?

3. Color Problems
How do I white balance a photo?
How do I fix skin tones?
How do I make skies bluer?
How do I change a color of an object?

4. Skin Problems
How do I remove acne?
How do I fix redeye?
How do I fix dark circles?
How do I whiten teeth?
How do I whiten eyes?
How do I modify a smile?

5. Controlling Focus and Backgrounds
How do I blur my background?
How do I remove an object or person?
How do I add a vignette?
How do I sharpen a photo?
How do I fix perspetive?

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