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Photoshop: Shortcuts

Video Introducing this tutorial

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1. Justin's Top 25 Shortcuts
Making Photoshop run faster
Using Photoshop tool shortcuts
Dragging and zooming on documents
Switching zoom levels quickly
Changing ruler units with one click
Using the HUD color picker
Masking shortcuts
Selecting and moving layers
Feathering selections
Working with bird's eye view
Using temporary modifier keys
Selecting layers easily
Copying, creating, and merging layers
Changing layer opacity
Copying and pasting layer styles
Reapplying filters
Using specific filter commands
Resetting dialog boxes instantly
Using the scrubby sliders
Adding keyboard shortcuts to adjustment layers
Modifying adjustment layers by hand
Applying blend modes to multiple layers
Applying blend modes with your keyboard
Applying fills with your keyboard
Adjusting image and canvas size

2. Type Shortcuts
Applying type changes quickly
Changing paragraph justification
Spacing and sizing shortcuts

3. Brush and Tool Shortcuts
Changing brush size, flow, and opacity
Changing brushes on the fly
Drawing straight lines

4. Creating Photoshop Actions
What are actions?
Playing back existing actions
Creating your own action
Working with stops and menu items
Working with conditionals