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Photoshop Selections: Tips Tricks and Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. What Are Selections?

A selection makes everything better
Using selections for color and tone adjustments
Using selections to create masks
The Select and Mask workspace

2. Getting Started with Selection Tools

Select All, Deselect, and Reselect
Marquee tools
Selection lassos
Moving a selection

3. The Wand Tools

The Magic Wand tool
The Quick Selection tool
Using the options bar for advanced control

4. Refining a Selection

Using Expand and Contract
Grow, smooth, and feather a selection
Transforming a selection
The Inverse command
Refining a selection with the Quick Mask command
Improving selections with the Select and Mask command
Advanced control with the Select and Mask command
Controlling output with the Select and Mask command

5. Power User Techniques

Using the Color Range command to select a color
Using the Color Range command to select a tonal range
Using the Color Range command to select skin tones
Creating a selection based on focus area
Making a selection with the Pen tool

6. Creating Selections with Channels

What are channels?
Creating a selection from a single channel
Saving a selection as an alpha channel
Refining channels with the Save Selection command
Using the Calculations command to create a selection from two channels
Saving channels with your output file

7. Face-Aware Liquify

Adjusting the selection points for Face-Aware Liquify
Refining an image with Face-Aware Liquify


Final thoughts