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Photoshop: Rethinking the Essentials

Video Introducing this tutorial

What's new in Photoshop?
New welcome experience in Photoshop
Exploring Photoshop's evolution
The importance of a nondestructive workflow
What you should know to use this course
Using the exercise files

1. Raw for Nonraw Files
Passing nonraw files to Camera Raw
Best practices for the Basic panel
Highlights of Camera Raw
Saving time with presets
Making selective edits
Opening raw files as Smart Objects
Synching files and clearing settings
Using Camera Raw as a filter
Video editing in raw

2. Isolating the Image
Changes to crop and what you need to know
Selections: The best tools for the job
Refining selections
Moving and removing content (the new ways)

3. Layers
An overview of layers
Adjustment layers
Masking layers
Finalizing layers for image output

4. Design-Oriented Enhancements
Smarter Smart Guides
Layer comps
Typekit and font search
In-app search

5. Smarter Workflows
Introduction to Smart Objects
Linked vs. embeded Smart Objects
Smart filters ("filter layers")
Video with Smart Objects
Hidden tricks with Smart Objects

6. Modern Image Enhancement
Bad adjustments turned good (Brightness/Contrast, Vibrance not Saturation, etc.)
Auto made better (Brightness/Contrast, Levels, and Curves)
Dodge, Burn, Sponge, and Sharpen (old vs. new)
Better paths to black and white

7. Finish the Work
Sharpen tools to use and not use
CC Libraries and Creative Cloud
Sharing your work on Behance
Resizing your image

8. Applying the Essentials
Pulling it all together: Applying the latest essentials
Workflow performance
Machine performance

9. Beyond the Desktop
Accessing files on CC
Capture CC and libraries

Next steps