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Photoshop: Photo Optimization Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Golden Poppy
Introducing the image
Raw conversion
Some basic cleanup
Oil paint effect

2. Brooklyn Bridge
Image overview
Raw processing
Spot removal
Cropping and straightening
Adding a vignette

3. Horse at Sunset
Reviewing the photo
Converting the raw capture
Crop and Rotate
Cleaning up blemishes
Final adjustments

4. Swirling Surf
Raw processing
Adding local contrast
Enhancing with adjustments

5. Empty Bottles
Basic raw conversion
Straightening the image
Black-and-white conversion
Creating a faded effect
Rethinking the crop
Adding a lightening vignette

6. Bratislava Scene
Simple raw conversion
Correcting perspective with Transform
Adjustments to create a dreary effect
Enhancing detail with high pass
Applying HDR tone mapping
Adding a custom vignette