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lynda Photoshop for iPad: Photoshop Compositing

Video Introducing this tutorial

Photoshop for iPad

1. The Photoshop Interface:
Opening and creating files
Viewing and manipulating layers
Selecting and using tools
Using menus
Using the Selection tool

2. Creating a Photo Montage:
Opening the background image
Selecting the subject
Creating a mask from the selection
Using the Object Select tool to add a mask
Unlinking a layer mask using the Transform Selection tool
Adding a new layer and building a floor reflection
Adding a window mask
Adding a view through the window
Adding a window reflection
Patching the power strips
Adding a text banner
Distorting the text
Adjusting the color of a layer
Making adjustments based on selections

3. Creating a Beauty Retouch:
Removing blemishes and coloring shadows
Boosting contrast with a Levels adjustment layer
Enhancing colors with a Levels adjustment layer
Painting translucent effects with an adjustment layer
Adding selective tinting effects
Painting skin tones with low opacity
Adding realistic coloring effects
Adding a background
Adding lighting effects

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