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Photoshop for Fashion Design: 2 Rendering Techniques

Fashion design basics in Photoshop

1. Adding Texture with Filters and Clipping Masks
Adding shading for filters
Wool and flannel using Noise
Working with denim
Pony or cow spots
Adding camouflage
Creating leather
Overdying and aging

2. Adding Faces to Your Illustration
Rendering faces
Creating a sketch from a photo
Attaching your head to the body

3. The Magic of Brushes
Brush basics
Bead brush
Fur brush
Making your own brush tip: Texture brush
Hair brush
Sketch brush
Trim brush
Embroidery or top-stitch brush
Sparkle brush
Magical brush
Brush from photo: Texture
Brush from photo: Trim
Chain brush
Saving, loading, and organizing brushes

4. Rendering Styles and Techniques
Rendering styles using Photoshop
Marker style
Watercolor speed painting
Watercolor painting
Overlay to add lace
Sequins and lamé
Drop shadows vs. cast shadows
Neutralizing photographic backgrounds
Adding flats to your layout
Using effects for adding impact

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