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Photoshop CC 2015 New Features

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing Photoshop Forever

1. June 2015 Updates
Creating and using artboards
Exporting your artboards as PDF, PNG, and JPEG
Previewing your designs on mobile devices
Navigating the artboard from a mobile device
The new, eagerly awaited Glyphs panel
Doubling up layer effects
New ways to manage layer effects
Matching natural noise in the Blur Gallery
Introducing noise with Field Blur
Applying color adjustments to Smart Objects
Combining different kinds of adjustments
Content-aware move, scale, and rotate
Tech preview: The sleek, powerful Design Space
Drawing and editing in the Design Space
Creating cloud-linked assets with CC Libraries 2.0
Trading a cloud-link with a different application

2. November 2015 Updates
Spectrum: Dark dialog boxes and more
Spectrum part 2: Dark dialog boxes
Customizing the toolbox (aka toolbar)
Artboard enhancements
The return of the Oil Paint filter
New advancements in type
Introducing diffusion for the healing tools
Auto-extracting assets into a new library
Editing Smart Objects from the Libraries panel
Improved Quick Export controls
New touch features and the Modifier Keys panel
Introducing Photoshop Mix 2.0
Opening and editing a Mix project in Photoshop
Introducing Photoshop Fix 1.0
Opening and editing a Fix project in Photoshop

3. March 2016 Updates
Camera Raw 9.5

4. June 2016: Photoshop CC 2015.5
Introducing the Select and Mask workspace
Decontaminating colors with Select and Mask
Face-Aware Liquify
Special face-recognition scenarios
Using Liquify’s new Face tool
Resetting facial features
Content-Aware Crop
Font families and glyph alternates
Still more artboard enhancements
Live healing vs. legacy behavior
Creating patterns with Adobe Capture
Creating looks with Adobe Capture
Using patterns and looks in Photoshop
Creating a 3D character in Adobe Fuse
Adding hair and clothing in Adobe Fuse
Bringing your 3D character into Photoshop
Posing the body and face of a 3D character

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