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Photoshop CC 2015 for Photographers: The Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Strategies for Learning Photoshop
Getting the most out of this course
Course challenges

2. Where Photoshop Fits In
Photoshop's role in today's workflow
Accessing your images with Bridge
Getting started with Lightroom

3. Setting Up Photoshop
Setting up your color settings
Fine-tuning your preferences
Choosing and customizing a workspace

4. Introducing Camera Raw
The new dark interface
What is Camera Raw?
Camera Raw and Photoshop case study
Opening images into Camera Raw
Improving your images with the basic controls

5. Getting Started with Photoshop
Opening, saving, and closing a photograph
Getting familiar with the interface and the Tools panel
Using tools and undoing mistakes

6. Viewing Your Images
Zooming and panning on your photos
Quickly zoom and pan around a photograph
Arranging and viewing multiple documents

7. Resizing Your Images the Correct Way
The relationship between pixels and image sizing
Resizing an image to a smaller size
Using the resizing presets

8. Cropping Your Photographs
Mastering the Crop tool
Cropping your images to a specific size
Fixing a crooked image
Challenge: Level and resize a photo to make a 5x5 print
Solution: Level and resize a photo to make a 5x5 print

9. Nondestructive Editing with Layers
Why layers matter
Creative layers case study
Creating new layers
Applying layer style effects
Combining multiple images into one document
Organizing layers into groups

10. Improving Exposure
Adding brightness and contrast
Fixing overexposure with levels
Adding contrast with levels
Advanced tip for levels
Fine-tuning an image with Curves
When to use Camera Raw

11. Working on Specific Areas of an Image
Using the selection tools
Working with the Quick Selection tool
Removing the background with Quick Selection
Building a selection with Color Range
Making a selection with Focus Area
Challenge: Selecting the subject from the background
Solution: Selecting the subject from the background

12. Advanced Adjustments with Masking
Introducing masks
Painting in a color effect
Painting in light with a mask
Refining the edges of a mask
Using Color Range to refine the mask
Challenge: Creating a color effect
Solution: Creating a color effect

13. Fine-Tuning Color
Changing color with hue and saturation
Creative color with hue, saturation, and masking
Increasing saturation and color variety with Vibrance
Using color balance to create vivid color
Combining color balance and hue saturation

14. Converting to Black and White
Creating better black-and-white landscape photographs
Making a strong black-and-white portrait

15. Applying Photographic Effects with Filters
Adding lens flare
Applying a film grain effect as a Smart Filter
Changing focus with the Blur Gallery
Adding light with lighting effects
Challenge: Adding blur
Solution: Adding blur

16. Sharpening and Reducing Noise
Reduce unwanted noise in Camera Raw
Reduce unwanted noise in Photoshop
Using Focus Area to select the area to sharpen
Selective sharpen with Smart Sharpen
Masking and sharpening a specific area
Sharpen and perfect your photos with Smart Sharpen

17. Retouching Tools
Using Content-Aware Fill to remove distractions
Working with the Patch tool and Content-Aware Move
Removing an object with the Clone Stamp tool
Seamless retouching with the healing tools
Challenge: Correcting a large area of a photograph
Solution: Correcting a large area of a photograph
Challenge: Improving details
Solution: Improving details

18. Basic Portrait Retouching
Removing skin blemishes with the Healing Brush tools
Whitening teeth with adjustment layers
Reducing wrinkles and shadows under the eyes
Brightening eyes with Curves and targeted color adjustements
Improving facial structure with Liquify
Challenge: Creating more beautiful skin
Solution: Creating more beautiful skin

19. Printing with Photoshop
Getting ready to print: Resizing and sharpening
Selecting your printer and paper size
Choosing color management and printer settings

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