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lynda Photoshop 2021 Quick Start

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
A quick start to Photoshop 2021

1. How to Color Correct Photos in Photoshop :
Opening a photo in Photoshop
What are Photoshop layers?
Color correcting a photo with Curves
Using the gray-point eyedropper
Save a PSD
Export a JPG

2. How to Change the Color of an Object in Photoshop :
Making a selection with the Quick Selection tool
Applying a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to the selection
Adjust brightness with a Levels adjustment layer
Levels adjustment layer explained
Refine mask edges with Select and Mask and the Brush tool

3. Blur a Background in Photoshop :
Using machine learning technology to create a layer mask
Remove a foreground element with Content-Aware Fill
Convert a layer to a Smart Object
Apply Tilt-Shift Blur filter to blur the background
Fix mask imperfections
Apply global adjustments with Camera Raw

4. Create a Social Media Graphic in Photoshop :
Create a new blank Photoshop document
Create a background with solid fill and pattern fill layers
Import an image into Photoshop using the Place command
Use a clipping mask to place a photo inside a vector shape
Blending layers together with blending modes
Organize layers with groups
Add vector shapes
Create text in Photoshop
Apply creative effects with layer styles
What is the banana tool in Photoshop?

Conclusion :
Final thoughts