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Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: The Basics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Photoshop Essential Training series

1. Opening Files
Opening files in Photoshop
Opening files from Bridge
Opening files from Lightroom Classic
Opening files from Lightroom
Starting in Adobe Camera Raw

2. Documents and Navigation
A tour of the Photoshop interface
Working with multiple documents
Panning and zooming documents
Viewing images using different screen modes

3. Customizing the Photoshop Interface
Arranging the panels you use most often
Switching and saving workspaces
Customizing the Toolbar
Modifying keyboard shortcuts to boost productivity

4. Digital Image Essentials
Understanding file formats
Color modes and bit depth
Understanding color space
Understanding document size
Using Image Size to change document dimensions
Multiple Undo and the History Panel
Saving documents

5. Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size
Using the Crop tool
Straightening a crooked image
Crop and change image size in one step
Increasing canvas size
Auto fill with Content Aware Crop

6. Layers
Exploring layer basics
Loading, selecting, aligning, and distributing layers
Changing layer opacity, adding shape layers, and creating layer groups
Merging and flattening layers
Quickly exporting images

7. Color and Brush Essentials
Color basics
Brush essentials
Brush presets and settings

8. Working with Layer Masks
Layer Mask essentials
Using Gradients to blend images

9. Making Selections
Using the Marquee and Lasso tools
Combining selections
Using Object Select and the Quick Select tool
Making selections based on subject and color
Selecting soft edge objects using Select and Mask
Removing a halo using Select and Mask

10. Local Pixel Editing and Retouching
Removing distracting elements with the Healing Brush and Patch tools
The magic of Content-Aware Fill
Content Aware Move and Scale
Using the Clone Stamp tool
Removing larger elements from an image

11. Blend Mode Essentials
Getting to know the Blend modes

12. Smart Object Essentials
The advantage of Smart Objects
Opening raw images as Smart Objects

13. Essential Transformations
Scaling, skewing, and rotating layers with Free Transform
Correcting perspective
Warping images

14. Adjustment Layer Essentials
Introducing Adjustment Layers
Understanding the Histogram
Refining dynamic range using Levels
Adjusting contrast and correcting color using Curves
Three easy ways to adjust color in images
Custom black and white conversions
Limiting adjustments with Clipping Masks

15. Essential Filters
Overview of filters
Applying filters non destructively with Smart Filters
Sharpening images
Applying Camera Raw as a filter
Applying filters to multiple layers

16. Shape Layers
Using the Shape tools
Modifying, combining, and saving custom shapes
Using Shapes to mask layers

17. Essential Layer Styles
Applying layer effects and styles
Creative layer effect styles

18. Type Essentials
Exploring Headline (point) type
Using leading, kerning, and tracking

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