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Photos for OS X: Enhancing Images

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. How to Approach Color Correction in Photos for OS X
Setting the working environment
Performing a triage
Determining your working file format
Working in full-screen mode

2. Nondestructive Workflows in Photos for OS X
Working with a copy of the image
Renaming versions
Applying and removing effects
Reverting an image to its original state

3. An Overview of the Editing Workspace
Adding adjustment tools
Reading the histogram
Setting RAW files as the default originals
Starting with the Enhance command
Comparing before and after states
Reusing image adjustments on another image

4. Controlling Exposure and Tonality
Fixing exposure
Recovering highlights and shadows
When to use brightness and contrast adjustments
Setting the black point for crisp blacks
Controlling selective contrast with definition
Making precision adjustments with the Levels command
Challenge: Controlling exposure and tonality
Solution: Controlling exposure and tonality

5. Controlling Color and Casts
Adjusting saturation of an image
Increasing color contrast in an image
Removing a color cast from a photo
Choosing a custom white balance
Challenge: Controlling color and color casts
Solution: Controlling color and color casts

6. Creating Dynamic Black-and-White Images
Adding the black-and-white effect
Controlling the conversion with light and color preprocessing
Refining the black-and-white adjustment
Stylizing with grain effects
Finalizing the black-and-white image with definition and sharpening
Challenge: Creating dynamic black-and-white images
Solution: Creating dynamic black-and-white images

7. Finishing Images with Detailed Adjustments
The importance of working at 100% magnification
Sharpening your photos for clean edges
Revisiting the definition command for contour and shape
Reducing unwanted noise in a photo
Stylizing with a vignette or power window
Challenge: Making detailed adjustments
Solution: Making detailed adjustments

8. The Role of Filters and Color Correction
Adding a filter to an image
Combining filters with adjustments for precise control
Filtering an image with multiple passes

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