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Photo Tools Weekly

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Creating a pano with Lightroom CC

June 2019

May 2019
Retouching linear objects
Expert spot removal and color in Lightroom
Bridesmaid portrait
Creating black-and-white drama in Lightroom

April 2019
Adding drama to a studio portrait
Removing difficult objects with Lightroom and Photoshop
Adding light with Lightroom
Crop and prepare an image for Instagram

March 2019
Content-Aware Mirroring and fixing patterns
Using Content-Aware Fill for layouts
Improving a landscape
Adding visual interest to an outdoor portrait

February 2019
More control with Content Aware
Creating magic and mood
Retouching a conceptual image
Retouching with what you have

January 2019
Finishing the high-ISO night photo
Quick fix of a background
Lightroom CC Classic folder tips
Fixing light in a portrait with transition glasses
Combining two frames

December 2018
Combine two RAW files for best results
Extend canvas by cropping
Lightroom Classic CC travel tip: Combine catalogs

November 2018
Guide shortcuts: Diptych, Whitney
Image reveal all
Enhancing night cityscape
Quick portrait retouching
Lightroom spotting tip

October 2018
Detail extraction technique
B&W pop
Rock star look
Finding the keeper

September 2018
Fixing a wedding photo
Finding the hero shot
Landscape in Lightroom
Sunrise colors pop

August 2018
Photoshop: Mocking up layout ideas
Finding the keepers
Finishing the keepers in Lightroom
Creating stylistic color with Photoshop

July 2018
Adding wings and angelic light
Review, reorder, and rename in Bridge
Bridge for preparing files for presentations
Find photo within photo


June 2018
Tip to select multiple people
Two quick crop techniques
Big Sur project: Adding copy
Making a subject glow

May 2018
Better background blur
Creating a custom keyboard shortcut
Surfer silhouette project, part 1
Surfer silhouette project, part 2
Color to portrait: Jon

April 2018
Three ways to create a new layer in Photoshop
Merging layers in Photoshop
Grouping layers in Photoshop
Photoshop new feature: Select Subject

March 2018
Essential shortcuts in Lightroom CC
Installing and using presets in Lightroom CC
Open as layers from Lightroom Classic or Bridge
Retouching expert tip

February 2018
Workflow strategy when shooting Raw + JPG
Quicker processing with review and camera calibration
Creating a concept layout with Lightroom and Photoshop
Fun layer project in Photoshop and Lightroom
Brush away unwanted objects in Lightroom CC

January 2018
Add layer style effects to a type layer
Photoshop layers tip
Improving a sports shot with Lightroom
Making a backlight photo pop with Lightroom CC

December 2017
Make those colors pop with Lightroom
Using Photoshop adjustment layers
Photoshop type techniques

November 2017
Color and luminance masking in Lightroom
Sharing images from inside Photoshop
Cropping with Lightroom for mobile
Improving light, color, and cuteness
Creating a cool light effect

October 2017
Lightroom for mobile: Creating vivid color
Creating a custom contact sheet
Change a color in Lightroom
Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC tips
Localized masking in Lightroom

September 2017
Select before you correct
Retouching away shadows
Crafting looks and using layer comps
Retouching a portrait of a wolf

August 2017
Using blur and type, part 1
Using blur and type, part 2
Better black and white workflow, part 1
Better black and white workflow, part 2
Action sports retouching, part 1
Action sports retouching, part 2
Face-Aware Liquify
Fixing teeth in a fashion photograph

July 2017
Awesome color with adjustment layers
Natural light portrait retouching
Using selections and Transform, part 1
Using selections and Transform, part 2
Making a creative overlay effect

June 2017
Replace the sky in a drone photograph
Creating a great exposure from a single frame, part 1
Creating a great exposure from a single frame, part 2
Creating a luminous black-and-white portrait, part 1
Creating a luminous black-and-white portrait, part 2
Fixing overexposure with Camera Raw, part 1
Fixing overexposure with Camera Raw, part 2

May 2017
Creative layer blending with Adobe Mix
Making a composite with Adobe Mix
Bring out detail in a landscape photograph, part 1
Bring out detail in a landscape photograph, part 2
Export a image from video footage
Finishing an iPhone photo

April 2017
Start to finish with Lightroom for mobile and Adobe Fix
Extending the canvas with Content Aware Scale
Ordinary to extraordinary: Lightroom
Ordinary to extraordinary: Photoshop details
Ordinary to extraordinary: Photoshop finishing

March 2017
Applying filter effects inside a selection
Freezing and Liquify: Smart Filters
Snapseed to the rescue
Creating awesome color with Lightroom
Creating awesome color with Photoshop

February 2017
Lightroom for mobile and Adobe Clip
Speeding up your work by reusing layer masks
Improving mobile photos with VSCO
Combine photography and branding with blending modes

January 2017
Softening skin with Adobe Fix
From boring and flat to fantastic
Lightroom for mobile local adjustments
Fixing edges with Content-Aware Crop

December 2016
From ordinary to extraordinary: Using Photoshop to elevate your frames
Making precise and beautiful color adjustments
Enhancing the eyes in a portrait

November 2016
Combining the best expressions from two images
Celebrity portrait workflow in Lightroom: Part 1
Celebrity portrait workflow in Lightroom: Part 2
Creative layer blending project
Replacing a background and creating vivid colors
Jump for joy: Finishing a beach photo in Lightroom and Photoshop

October 2016
Changing color in Camera Raw
Using Liquify to achieve natural results
Fixing shiny skin and stylizing with color
Creating a three-image layout in Photoshop

September 2016
Becoming an expert with changing color
Portrait Retouching - removing jewelry
Workflow tips for selections, masks and adjustment layer
Improving a portrait of a surfer

August 2016
Becoming an expert with masking in Photoshop
Advanced masking speed tips
Preparing a portrait for Instagram with Lightroom
Finishing a portrait with Photoshop
Using Lightroom to creating a stylized look that prints well
Cleaning up a creative portrait
Hacking Lightroom to create layouts for other projects

July 2016
Using Content Aware Scale to add to the composition
Extending and filling in the background projects
How to create Gradient Tone Mapping color effects
Creating more precise Gradient Map effects
Natural wrinkle reduction
Advanced wrinkle reduction
Tips for viewing and organizing your layers in Photoshop
Becoming an expert in layers in Photoshop

June 2016
Using VSCO in Lightroom
Syncing adjustments in Lightroom
High-impact color with Camera Raw and Photoshop
Using Lightroom and Photoshop to create vivid color
Intro to better B&W with the Silver Effex Pro plugin
Taking a deeper dive into Silver Effex Pro
Creating a Panoramic Photo in Lightroom
Advanced Lightroom and Photoshop Pano Workflow

May 2016
Opening raw files into Photoshop
Three ways to work with Camera Raw and Photoshop
Smart Filters: Using Smart Filters for creative options
Stacking up Smart Filter effects
Cleaning up and removing the background of an image
Two ways to add a new background
Covering up problems in the frame
Removing a person and finishing a photograph

April 2016
Photoshop Fix to Photoshop CC workflow
Add light to photos with Lightroom
Use Lightroom Collections to process color and black-and-white images
Skin smoothing with the Imogenic plugin Portraiture
Advanced Skin Smoothing Control with Portraiture

March 2016
Accurate sharpening with Lightroom
Create Collections in Lightroom
Craft creative looks with the Alien Skin Exposure plugin in Lightroom
Use the Alien Skin Exposure plugin in Photoshop
Quick mobile retouching with Photoshop Fix

February 2016
Add Lens Flare with more precise control
Two ways to crop in Photoshop and extend the canvas
A few methods for working with canvas size
Use plugins in Photoshop for special effects: Analog Efex Pro
Use plugins in Photoshop for special effects: Analog Efex Pro Advanced

January 2016
Lightroom cropping shortcuts
Remove unwanted objects in Photoshop
Remove unwanted objects in Photoshop: Advanced
Use plugins in Photoshop for better results: Color Efex Pro
Preserve tones with the help of Lightroom clipping indicators