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Performing a Technical Security Audit and Assessment


What are technical security assessments?
Who this course is for

1. Overview of Technical Security Assessments

Develop a technical security assessment methodology
Overview of technical security assessment techniques
Select your testing viewpoint

2. Technical Security Assessment Reviews

Required skillsets
Conduct documentation reviews
Conduct log reviews
Conduct ruleset reviews
Conduct system configuration reviews
Conduct network sniffing
Network sniffing tool demo: Wireshark
Conduct file integrity checking
File integrity checking tool demo

3. Identify and Analyze Targets

Required skillsets
Conduct network discovery
Network discovery tool demo
Identify network ports and services
Network ports and services discovery tool demo
Scan for vulnerabilities
Vulnerability scanning tool demo
Scan wireless networks

4. Validate Target Vulnerabilities

Required skillsets
Crack passwords
Password cracking tool demo
Conduct penetration tests
Penetration testing tool demo
Conduct social engineering

5. Planning Technical Security Assessments

Develop a security assessment policy
Prioritize and schedule the assessments
Select and customize techniques
Select the assessors
Select the location
Select tools and resources
Develop the assessment plan
Legal considerations

6. Executing the Technical Security Assessment

Coordinate the assessment
Conduct the assessment
Conduct the analysis
Data handling considerations

7. Post-Testing Activities

Recommend mitigation solutions
Report the results
Implement remediation and mitigation


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