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Parallel and Concurrent Programming with Python 1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Learn parallel programming basics
What you should know
Exercise files

1. Parallel Computing Hardware
Sequential vs. parallel computing
Parallel computing architectures
Shared vs. distributed memory

2. Threads and Processes
Thread vs. process
Concurrent vs. parallel execution
Global interpreter lock: Python demo
Multiple threads: Python demo
Multiple processes: Python demo
Execution scheduling
Execution scheduling: Python demo
Thread lifecycle
Thread lifecycle: Python demo
Daemon thread
Daemon thread: Python demo

3. Mutual Exclusion
Data race
Data race: Python demo
Mutual exclusion
Mutual exclusion: Python demo

4. Locks
Reentrant lock
Rlock: Python demo
Try lock
Non-blocking acquire: Python demo
Read-write lock
Read-write lock: Python demo

5. Liveness
Deadlock: Python demo
Abandoned lock
Abandoned lock: Python demo
Starvation: Python demo
Livelock: Python demo

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