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Parallel and Concurrent Programming with Java 1

Learn parallel programming basics
What you should know
Java SDK and IntelliJ IDEA

1. Parallel Computing Hardware
Sequential vs. parallel computing
Parallel computing architectures
Shared vs. distributed memory

2. Threads and Processes
Thread vs. process
Thread vs. process: Java demo
Concurrent vs. parallel execution
Execution scheduling
Execution scheduling: Java
Thread lifecycle
Thread lifecycle: Java demo
Thread attributes: Java demo
Runnable vs. thread: Java demo
Daemon thread
Daemon thread: Java demo

3. Mutual Exclusion
Data race
Data race: Java demo
Mutual exclusion
Mutual exclusion: Java demo
Atomic variable: Java demo
Synchronized method: Java demo
Synchronized statement: Java demo

4. Locks
Reentrant lock
Reentrant lock: Java demo
Try lock
Try lock: Java demo
Read-write lock
Read-write lock: Java demo

5. Liveness
Deadlock: Java demo
Abandoned lock
Abandoned lock: Java demo
Starvation: Java demo
Livelock: Java demo

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