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Painting Foundations: Light and the Landscape

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Materials and Setup

Painting with color and light
Working with acrylics
Which brush to use
Choosing your support
Additional materials to use

2. Drawing Out and Black and White Study

Brushstrokes and broken edges
Color ground for our Venetian sunset
The importance of verticals
Four tones of the landscape
Poster study: Value planes
Challenge: Grouping tones together
Solution: Revealing the tonal studies

3. Mixing Pastel Base Colors

Shadow-blocking in
Selecting our color range
Mixing our base colors
Using glazing liquid: Blending colors
Blocking in base colors: Sky
Blocking in base colors: Water
First painting: Using a rigger brush
First painting: Using smaller brushes
Introducing orange
Painting the gondola
Painting water

4. Extending Our Color Palette

Adding details
Adding texture
Finishing touches