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lynda Overcoming Obstacles and Building Team Resilience

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Winning as one

1. The Eight Essential Elements :
Lessons from adventure racing

2. Total Commitment to Finish :
The four Ps of commitment
Commitment starts when the fun stops

3. Empathy and Awareness :
Working for people, not companies

4. Adversity Management :
Don't focus on failure
It's time to get creative
You can always learn something new
Progress, not perfection
Suffering is optional

5. Mutual Respect :
The Aluminum Can Theory
Act like a team
Give respect as a gift, not a grade
Believe beyond reason

6. We Thinking vs. Me Thinking :
If you want to go far, go together
Suffer equally, extend a towline

7. Ownership of the Project :
Lead with others' strengths

8. Relinquishing the Ego :
Performance ahead of pride

9. Kinetic Leadership :
The six styles of leadership

Conclusion :
The many adventures ahead