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Outlook 2016: Tips and Tricks


1. Top 10 Power Shortcuts
Find a contact in seconds
View Outlook in multiple windows
Peek into another app
Add people to Favorites
Flag messages for a to-do list
Create new items with drag and drop
Color-code important messages
Enter natural language dates
Create a group
Displaying a custom range with the Date Navigator

2. Organizing Your Inbox
View your inbox your way
View by group and by conversation
Work with folders and subfolders
Make use of Favorites
Delete old messages
Stay organized with shortcut keys

3. Managing Incoming Messages
Speed read your email
Change the Mark as Read setting
Use Quick Steps
Assign categories
Automate rules for incoming messages
Deal with junk mail
Find an email
Use search folders
Archive a message (in Office 365)

4. Sending and Replying to Messages
Shortcut keys for sending emails
Use your address books
Set your default address book
Use Bcc, or not
Quickly attach files
Skip attachments altogether
Set up signatures
Make great use of your Drafts folder
Add a hyperlink to an email
Delay an email in the outbox

5. Creating Special Use Messages
Share your calendar via email
Flag a message for the recipient
Insert a screenshot
Conduct a vote via email
Send business cards and contacts via email

6. Staying On Task
Display the To Do bar
Seven ways to create a new task
Five ways to view and edit tasks
Set task reminders

7. Tips and Tricks for Calendars
Reschedule appointments and meetings
Create recurring calendar items
Clone an appointment
Change the time scale
Show two time zones
Show time zones for an appointment or meeting
Search the calendar
Use calendar shortcut keys

8. Tips for Working with People
Add a photo to a contact
Map a contact address
Share contacts with a colleague
Making personal contacts private
Create a contact group
Views for contacts
Link and unlink contacts
Mail merge with Microsoft Word
Work offline

9. More Tips and Tricks
Customize the Navigation pane
Customize the Quick Access toolbar
Use Outlook Today
Set start and exit options
Reuse frequently used text with Quick Parts
Reply automatically using a template

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