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Outlook 2013: Efficient Email Management

Video Introducing this tutorial

Understanding email management
What you'll need for this course
Navigating in Outlook

1. Reviewing Email
Viewing messages by conversation
Using the Reading pane
Marking messages
Ignoring a conversation
Using Mailbox Cleanup

2. Putting Views to Work
Arranging email by date or sender
Adding a column to a view
Sorting and filtering in a view
Saving a view
Modifying view settings
Using conditional formatting to highlight important messages

3. Getting Organized with Folders, Search, and Categories
Creating inbox folders
Adding a folder to Favorites
Using Instant Search to find a message
Using Advanced Find to locate messages
Using custom search folders
Customizing and using categories
Understanding how archiving works for you
Setting AutoArchive options
Viewing archive data files

4. Automating Actions with Rules and Quick Steps
Flagging emails for future action
Using built-in Quick Steps
Creating custom Quick Steps
Creating a rule from a message
Creating a rule from scratch
Managing email rules
Using automatic replies

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