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OS X Server Essential Training: Yosemite

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know

1. Planning and Requirements
Yosemite Server installation requirements
Setting your network up for your server
Connecting the Internet to your network with port forwarding and NAT
Managing Apple IDs with two-factor authentication
Setting up your airport
Using Airport Utility to configure port forwarding

2. Setup
Addressing your server
Naming your server
Securing your server
Using the help system

3. File Management and Sharing
Creating local users and groups
Setting up network folders
Creating a network-based backup
Understanding the server library
Administering file sharing
Managing groups
Accessing shared files from a Mac
Configuring a client to back up to your destination
Understanding and configuring the Caching Service

4. Collaboration and Communication
Serving shared calendars
Using calendar locations and resources
Hosting server-based contacts
Publishing a custom website
Enabling the wiki service
Using the wiki server
Setting up a Mac for collaboration
Setting up an iOS device for collaboration
Setting up messages

5. Understanding the Network
Setting user and group access controls
Determining DNS setting for your local network
Setting up DNS on the Internet
Working with Directory Utility
Introducing NetInstall

6. User Administration with Profile Manager
Setting up Profile Manager
Linking your VPP account to Profile Nanager
Enrolling an iOS device using the self-service portal
Using Profile Manager to help a user
Using Profile Manager to restrict a user
Assigning apps and books through Profile Manager
Installing apps and books with VPP
Resetting a device passcode

OS X Server Feature Tour
Introducing the feature tour
Exploring file-sharing methods
Sending private, encrypted messages
Scheduling with calendars
Collaborating with wikis

Next steps