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Organizational Thought Leadership

Why does thought leadership matter?

1. Getting Started
What is a thought-leading organization?
Scaling the thought leadership maturity curve
What's required to build a thought-leading organization?

2. Identifying Your Niche and Cause
Understanding your audience(s)
Identifying your niche and point of view
Creating the future you are committed to
Taking a stand

3. Developing a Recognizable Point of View
Developing your talking points
Finding common ground
Creating a common language, taxonomy, and content library
Aligning to trends
Determining your brand voice
Staying top of mind

4. Ensuring the Right Talent and Culture
Building the right skills throughout the organization
Creating supportive cultural norms
Fostering peer networks to support your efforts
Supporting your thought leaders
Structuring your thought leadership support team

5. Building an Engaged Ecosystem
Leverage your ecosystem to scale change
Building change initiatives across an industry
Designing your ideas for scale
Developing visual frameworks

Measuring your progress
Leverage your thought leadership to create an unstoppable momentum