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Oracle 12c Release 2 New Features & The Oracle Cloud


What you need to know
Exercise files

1. Oracle 12cR2 DB Overview

Oracle Cloud overview
Oracle Databases 12cR2 overview

2. Create an Oracle 12c R2 DB in the Oracle Cloud

Register for an Oracle Cloud account
Access the Oracle Cloud console
Create an Oracle 12c R2 database
Database, storage, CPU, and RAM options
Configure SSH access to the database
Advanced database configuration
Use the database cloud service console
Connect to your Oracle Cloud database

3. PDB Resource Management

Introduction to PDB resource management
PDB I/O resource management demo

4. PDB Hot Clone

Introduction to PDB hot clone
PDB cloning prerequisites
Demo of PDB hot clone

5. PDB Flashback

Introduction to PDB flashback
PDB flashback prerequisites
Demo of PDB flashback

6. Partitioning Enhancments

New partitioning features
Modify a table to a partitioned table
Read-only partitions
Create table for Exchange
Automatic list partitioning


Next steps