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Online Marketing Foundations: Digital Marketing Research

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Conducting ethical research
Why digital research matters

1. Introduction to Research
Quantitative and qualitative research for the web
The largest ecosystems on the web
Limitations of online research

2. Researching Consumer Demand
Using Google AdWords to measure demand
Using Facebook to measure demand
Using Amazon to measure demand

3. Researching the Competition
Using LinkedIn to measure the competition
Using Google AdWords to measure the competition
Using Google Search strings to check on the competition

4. Research for Media Buying
Google Search
Google AdWords display
Bing Ads

5. Knowledge into Action
Challenge: Case study 1
Solution: Case study 1

6. Professional Research Tools
Professional research tools: SEMrush
SEMrush: Paid and organic research
Professional research tools: SimilarWeb

Continuous Development
Additional tools
Final steps

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