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OneNote for Mac Essential Training (Office 365)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started with OneNote 2016
What is OneNote?
Touring the user interface
Creating and deleting notebooks
Creating, moving, and deleting sections
Working with pages and subpages
Creating a note on a page
Sharing notebooks

2. Creating and Adding Content
Copying and pasting content
Sending screen clippings to OneNote
Adding pictures
Adding audio and video files
Recording audio
Adding file attachments
Adding emojis and symbols

3. Formatting Notes
Formatting text
Formatting paragraphs with styles
Using indents, bullets, and numbering
Checking spelling

4. Viewing and Organizing Information
Adjusting view options
Linking notes
Searching a notebook
Using tags in notes
Changing page color

5. Working with Tables in OneNote
Creating a table
Working with rows and columns
Formatting tables and data

6. Sharing and Collaboration
Saving to PDF
Sharing a link and syncing notebooks
Tracking authors and page versions
Using password protection

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