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lynda OneNote 2016 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Organize and share digital information with OneNote
What to know before starting this course

1. Get Started with OneNote:
Launch OneNote and start a new notebook
Organize a notebook with sections
Create pages and sub pages
Rename and delete a notebook

2. Create and Capture Content:
Add text and Quick Notes
Add a screen clipping
Add pictures
Record audio and video notes
Add audio and video files
Add files to a page
Add meetings from Outlook

3. Format Notes:
Format notes and lists
Copy formatting with the Format Painter
Organize content with a table
Create a to-do list

4. Find and Organize Content:
Link notes
Tag notes
Search a notebook

5. Format Pages:
Save time with page templates
Set the paper size
Add a background graphic

6. Use Writing Tools:
Write notes in Pen mode
Convert handwriting to typed text
Type or write math equations

7. Share and Collaborate:
Send a page via email
Save notebooks to other formats
Save a notebook to OneDrive
Share and sync a notebook
Using author indicators
See past versions with versioning
Add security with password protection
Avoid data loss with backup options

What's next?