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Office 365 New Features

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1. Word

See and hear more in Read Mode
Edit with gestures
Transform ink drawings into shapes
Get writing assistance from Editor
Find sources and more with Researcher

2. Excel

Select and manipulate objects
Turn data into maps
Access shared files quickly

3. Outlook

Set access to linked files in an email
Use @ to get someone's attention
Recover deleted items
Preview attached photos in messages

4. PowerPoint

Get a head start with QuickStarter
Collaborate in real time
Improve accessibility with images
Create better lists with Designer
Use zoom for an interactive summary

5. New Apps

Outlook Customer Manager
Microsoft Bookings

6. Suite-Wide New Features

Insert and edit icons
Save quickly using the Recent tab
See documents shared with you
Change text color with Tell Me
View and restore changes in shared files
Add links to recent files in the cloud