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Office 2016 for Educators

What you should know

1. Overview of Microsoft Office
What is Microsoft Office?
Microsoft Office Online

2. Microsoft PowerPoint for Educators
Introduction to PowerPoint for educators
Create effective presentations
Create engaging presentations
Link actions
Create flipped classes with Office Mix
Share your Office Mix with students
Empower students with PowerPoint

3. Sway for Educators
Introduction to Sway for educators
What is Sway?
Create tutorials with Sway
Create newsletters with Sway
Create flipped classes with Sway
Empower students with Sway

4. Microsoft Excel for Educators
Introduction to Excel for educators
Track student progress
Add equations to make calculations
Apply conditional formatting to cells
Filter results

5. Microsoft Word for Educators
Introduction to Word for educators
Use Word templates
Create your own templates
Create visual representations with SmartArt
Use charts to turn data into visual representations

6. OneDrive for Educators
Introduction to OneDrive for educators
Create centralized file storage
Collaborate with other educators
Share resources with students

7. OneNote for Educators
Introduction to OneNote for educators
Store all of your notes in one place
Create modules or flipped classes using OneNote
Empower students to create class notebooks

8. Additional Microsoft Tools
Additional Microsoft tools

Next steps