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Numbers 4 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need to know
How to use the exercise files

1. Get Started
Numbers templates
Explore the user interface
Customize the user interface

2. Work with Spreadsheets
Create a basic spreadsheet
Import spreadsheet data
Save a spreadsheet
Work with sheets
Use row and column headers

3. Work with Tables
Add a table
Modify a table
Customize table cells and borders
Work with content in table cells
Use controls
Add images to cells
Reorganize table data

4. Work with Table Styles
Use table styles
Modify a table’s style
Create and delete table styles

5. Use Formulas and Functions
Use formulas
Use functions
Use cell references
Use operators

6. Work with Charts
Add a chart
Modify chart data
Change chart types
Format general chart attributes
Format 3D charts
Use interactive charts

7. Work with Text and Numbers
Format text
Use conditional highlighting
Use special characters
Use hyperlinks
Use find and replace

8. Work with Objects
Use text boxes
Copy text to a text box
Work with shapes
Add and arrange images
Mask and adjust images

9. Create Templates
Design a template
Provide input options
Create placeholders
Save a custom template

10. Share Spreadsheets
Print and adjust page setup
Export to Excel
Send a copy via email
Collaborate with iCloud

Next steps