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Node.js Essential Training: Web Servers, Tests, and Deployment

Go beyond the basics in Node
What you should know
Work with VSCode

1. The HTTP Module
Make a request with the request method
Make a request with the GET method
Build a web server
Create a file server
Collect POST data

2. npm
The package.json file
Using minimist
Using single-line-log
Using tiny-timer
Manage packages
Work with global packages
Link global packages

3. Web Servers
File servers with serve
Intro to Express
Handling POST requests
Handling DELETE requests
Using Express Middleware

4. WebSockets
Create a WebSocket
Broadcast messages with WebSocket
Create a WebSocket with Socket.IO
Emit Socket.IO events

5. Node.js Testing
Prepare for testing
Use testing frameworks
Write a test
Write a test with a mock
Test API routes
Use code coverage

6. Automation and Deployment
Using npm Scripts
Using import statements
Using Babel with Jest
Using webpack
Work with environment variables
Debug with VSCode

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