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New Features Xamarin and Visual Studio 2017


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. C# 7 Language Improvements

Out variables
Pattern matching
Ref locals and returns
Local functions
Expression-bodied members
Throw expressions
Generalized async return types
Numeric literal syntax improvements

2. Inspector

Running Xamarin Inspector
Inspecting UI structures
Changing values interactively

3. Profiler

Using the Profiler
Introduction to instruments
How Xamarin handles memory in iOS
Looking for leaks in iOS
How Xamarin handles memory in Android
Profiler limitations
Time Profiler: Looking at CPU usage

4. Test Recorder

Overview and setup
Recording a test
Playback in Visual Studio
Playback in Visual Studio Mobile Center (VSMC)

5. Embedded Assemblies

Using embedded assemblies in Android


Where to go from here