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Negotiation Skills

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Decide to Negotiate

Why we avoid negotiating
How to overcome embarrassment and pride
Is it OK to lie?
Fear of losing the deal
Instead of "Yes" or "No," negotiate
When you should think about negotiating

2. Planning Your Negotiation

Set your limit and stick to it
Your limit vs. your opening offer
Prepare your tradables
Prepare their weaknesses

3. Opening Offers

Don't open first
How to calculate your opening offer
Watch for the flinch
Don't use round numbers

4. Tactics

The vice technique
Knocking the product
The reluctant buyer technique
Hiding the value of tradables
The salami technique
Time pressure

5. Trading

The meaning of win-win
How to trade
Use small steps
Illustrating the importance of trading
Negotiating in action

6. Closing

Final offers
Splitting the difference
The nibble technique
The quivering pen
Should you walk away?
How to practice