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Negotiating Your Leadership Success

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Recognize Opportunities for Negotiating

Why negotiation is important
What do people negotiate about?
Common negotiation pitfalls to avoid

2. Get Negotiations off the Ground

How we get in our own way
Know what you want
How to gather information and aim high
How to make your value visible
Understand your bargaining power
How to use your BATNA

3. Propose Creative Agreements

Anchor with options
Identify your interests, issues, and positions
Make mutually beneficial agreements

4. Work to Build Collaboration

Anticipate good reasons for saying "no"
Use what you know
How to get negotiations started
Ask good questions
How to advance stuck negotiations

5. How to Deal with Offensive Moves

How people use offensive moves
How offensive moves lead to defensiveness
How to use turns to shift the dialogue
Expect moves and prepare to turn them


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