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Navisworks Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files
Opening files directly
Working with Revit directly
Exporting Revit to Navisworks

1. The Navisworks File System

The three Navisworks versions
Navisworks file types
Opening files directly
Exporting from Revit to Navisworks
Appending and merging models
BIM 360

2. Navigating in a Model

Looking at the navigation bar
Walking through your model
Rotating your model with the Orbit tool
Looking around your model
Using the Gravity tool
Using the ViewCube

3. Working with Viewpoints

Saving a viewpoint
Choosing render styles
Changing the background
Slicing your model using sectioning
Getting rid of lines and text

4. The Review Tab

Getting measurements
Finding the shortest distance between objects
Creating redlines

5. Dealing with Objects

Selecting objects
Overriding color, transparency, and a transform
Hiding and turning on objects
Moving items
Rotating items
Scaling items
Adding links
Viewing properties and adding fields
Switching back to Revit
Holding objects

6. Sorting and Grouping

The Selection Tree
Finding items
Saving selections as a set
Using the Quick Find tool
Using the Selection Inspector

7. Clash Detection

Creating a clash test and setting rules
Selecting objects to clash and adding clearances
Running the clash
Resolving and reducing clashes
Grouping and assigning clashes
Creating reports: Viewpoints
Creating reports: HTML

8. The TimeLiner

Configuring appearances
Creating tasks
Adding selection sets to a task
Adding multiple tasks and running the movie
Simulating settings
Exporting the TimeLiner
Adding a data source
Creating a simulation for the TimeLiner

9. Quantification

Setting up your workbook
Dragging items to the workbook
Taking off the entire model
Exporting the takeoff

10. Presenting, Animating, and Exporting

Animating saved viewpoints
Animating objects
Creating a script

11. Rendering

Adding lights
Adding materials
Adjusting the sun
Appearance Profiler

12. Combining Site and Buildings

Changing the survey point and project base point in Revit
Finding and running Civil 3D Object Enablers
Combining Civil and Revit


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