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MySQL Essential Training (2014)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files
What is MySQL?

1. Installing and Configuring the Test Environment
Installation overview
Installing XAMPP on Windows
Installing XAMPP on the Mac
Setting up MySQL users
Installing SID on Windows
Installing SID on the Mac
Installing time zone support in MySQL on Windows

2. Basic Syntax
The SELECT statement
Selecting rows
Selecting columns
Sorting results with ORDER BY
Filtering results with WHERE
Filtering results with LIKE and IN
Filtering results with regular expressions
Inserting rows
Updating rows
Deleting rows
Literal strings
Understanding NULL

3. Creating a Database
Creating a database
Creating a table
Creating indexes
Controlling column behavior with constraints
Creating an ID column
Using foreign key constraints
Altering a table

4. MySQL Data Types
What are data types?
Numeric types
String types
Date and time types
Bit type
Boolean values
Enumeration types

5. MySQL Functions
String functions
Numeric functions
Date and time functions
Time zones in MySQL
Formatting dates
Aggregate functions
Flow control with CASE

6. Transactions
Maintaining database integrity with transactions
Using transactions for performance

7. Triggers
Updating a table with a trigger
Preventing automatic updates with a trigger
Logging transactions with a trigger

8. Subselects and Views
Creating a simple subselect
Searching within a result set
Creating a view
Creating a joined view

9. Stored Routines
Understanding MySQL stored routines
Creating a stored function
Creating a stored procedure

10. PHP's PDO Interface with MySQL
The multi-platform PDO interface
Executing the SQL
Implementing auto-increment IDs
Using a stored funciton